Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, and Apache Junction
Mold Inspection, Mold Testing, and Mold Removal
by EnviroFry Certified Environmental Hygienists
and Professional Industrial Hygienists

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       or phone toll-free 1-866-300-1616 or cell phone 1-480-310-7970
High Tech Odor Removal for Homes, Workplaces,
Commercial Buildings, and Vehicles in
Maricopa County and Tucson
Get Rid of Mold On and Behind Drywall Without Removal and Replacement

mold consultants Phillip Fry and Divine Montero Fry to provide mold problem solutions for air conditioning mold, workplace mold, and mold hidden inside the walls, ceilings, floors, crawl space, attic, basement, and HVAC equipment and system of your house, condominium, office, workplace, or other building anywhere in Arizona, southern California, northern California, Las Vegas, Arizona Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, Texas, USA, Canada, Asia, Europe, and worldwide.  Mold Training  Mold Inspector Directory  Industrial Hygienist Training  Industrial Hygienist Directory  Mold Inspection Questions & Answers

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