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October 1, 2014

Toxic Mold Levels in Mesa Mobile Home Threaten Lives

of Senior Couple, Warns Mold
Consultant Phillip Fry

“This mobile home is killing me and my husband,” a Mesa, Arizona, senior citizen told a Certified Environmental Hygienist from EnviroFry as he arrived at the couple’s east valley mobile home to do comprehensive mold inspection and testing.

Mold lab results on September 30, 2014, for air tests and a surface mold test performed on the home by the EnviroFry mold inspector documented why the wife is correct in believing the couple’s health and lives are in serious danger.

The 5 minute Air-O-Cell cassette test of the living room air discovered an incredibly high, projected 74,457 airborne Aspergillus/Penicillium toxic mold spores per cubic meter of air inside the couple’s home. The same air test found a projected 11,200 spores per cubic meter of the toxic mold species Alternaria, and a projected 8,133 spores per cubic meter of the toxic mold Cladosporium.

In contrast, the outdoor mold control test performed by Mr. Maglanoc found only a projected 13 Aspergillus and Penicillium spores per cubic meter of air, 67 spores of Alternaria, and 133 spores of Cladosporium.  If an indoor mold test finds far more mold spores of a particular mould species than the lab-counted quantity for the same species in the outdoor mold control test, there is a presumption that there is an indoor source for the elevated mold levels.

In addition, the EnviroFry Inspector collected a sample of the mold growing on the living room ceiling. Lab results of the sample found “very heavy” levels of Stachybotrys, the most dangerous mold species because of its reported damage caused to the human brain, as well as to the respiratory system.

The couple has been advised to move out to a safe place to live while the EnviroFry mold removal and remediation team removes all traces of the four toxic molds that are infesting the couple’s Mesa mobile home.

“Placing a mobile or manufactured home over a crawl space invites water intrusion and mold growth because of these problems: (1) water wicks upward from out of the ground to cause high crawl space humidity; (2) rain water runs into the crawl space; and (3) inferior quality and careless installation of plumbing water supply and sewer line beneath the home cause significant water leaks into the crawl space,” point outs EnviroFry co-manager Phillip Fry, who is also a Professional Industrial Hygienist, Certified Mold Inspector, and Certified Mold Remediator.

“One major building defect of mobile and manufactured homes is a substandard roof made of steel or tin that rusts out and leaks, or, alternatively, made from low quality shingles that are stapled (rather than nailed) onto low-quality roof decking and underlayment moisture barrier,” adds the mold expert.

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